14 May 2007

HOTNS: mid-March through May

So, I got busy/lazy and haven't gotten around to posting the rest of the excellent performances of Stephinsongs till now, but I think they're worth the wait. All songs were recorded by some combination of Oguz (the Local Live director) and me, with the exception of Meryll et al. which was recorded by Andrew of Meryll, former Local Live director. All of these performances are totally rad. Meryll blew me away with some unexpected guitar lines. Dakota from Peel played his guitar through a Marlboro box amp. Daniel Paquette (from Indiana) brought a "ban-tar-jo" that sounded freaking great. Loxsly pre-recorded their songs, which explains why they sound so well produced and intricate. Ethan Smith mocked Stephin's voice rather well, and he also figured out a way for a single person to pull off Absolutely Cuckoo. And AM Syndicate brought a full line-up with drums, keys, guitars, and even shakers. You've got to listen to all of it for yourself. There you are.

March 20: Meryll (plus special guests The Narrow Escapes and Team Amethyst)
Meryll - Acoustic Guitar
The Narrow Escapes - Meaningless
Team Amethyst - I'm Sorry, but I Love You

April 3: Peel
Peel - Absolutely Cuckoo
Peel - No One Will Ever Love You
Peel - Underwear

April 10: Daniel Paquette
Daniel Paquette - The Saddest Story Ever Told
Daniel Paquette - Book of Love

April 17: Loxsly
Loxsly - I Wish I Had an Evil Twin
Loxsly - I Don't Want to Get Over You

April 24: Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith - Absolutely Cuckoo
Ethan Smith - A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody
Ethan Smith - The Part I Like [a song inspired by Stephin Merritt]

May 1: AM Syndicate
AM Syndicate - When My Boy Walks Down the Street
AM Syndicate - Born on a Train

17 March 2007

HOTNS 8: featuring The Theater Fire

The Theater Fire from Fort Worth stopped by The House of Tomorrow Night Show to infuse the "country" in Stephin Merritt's songs with some bluegrassy twang. There were banjos, violins, mandolins, horns, keyboards, guitars, and drums, as well as some impressive falsetto (that is, there were no female vocalists). In addition to being some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, they're great musicians, and I'm very happy to have had them perform on this show.

The Theater Fire "All My Little Words"
The Theater Fire "Busby Berkeley Dreams"
The Theater Fire "Yeah, Oh Yeah!"

08 March 2007

HOTNS 7: featuring Peter and the Wolf

Wow... another amazing show. Thanks to Red and Steve for playing some beautifully rearranged Magnetic Fields songs. Poor Red was suffering from the sniffles, but he managed to blow out some exquisite vocals anyway. And some of Steve's guitar parts still baffle me, especially during the chorus of Sunset City. Anyway, me like. Me like a lot. You like, too. Check it or (train)wreck it:

Peter and the Wolf "Sunset City"
Peter and the Wolf "My Sentimental Melody"
Peter and the Wolf "Born on a Train"

06 March 2007

HOTNS 6: featuring Jerm Pollet and The Lovely Sparrows

This show was out of control and totally silly. Local funny man/musician Jerm Pollet stole the first half of the show with witty banter regarding bunnies, toast, and guacamole, while the Lovely Sparrows graced the airwaves during the second half with a couple of nice renditions of Stephin Merritt songs, including a very pretty "World Love". Due to a rather unfortunate miscommunication, we didn't record the first 10 minutes of the show, including most of Jerm's version of what he refers to as "The Bunny Rabbit Song" (aka "Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits"), but the parts of the show we did get sound like gold. Have a listen!

Jerm Pollet "The Bunny Rabbit Song (end)"
Jerm Pollet "Papa Was a Rodeo"
Jerm Pollet and The Lovely Sparrows "I Wish I Had an Evil Twin"
The Lovely Sparrows "The Book of Love"
The Lovely Sparrows "World Love"

27 February 2007

HOTNS 5: featuring The Karate Kids

The Karate Kids (of Austin) stopped by KVRX to sing some Stephin Merritt songs with Karate Kid lyrics. See if you can find all the karate references! (Think: dojo, Miyagi, wax on and wax off.) All four kids dressed up as Daniel-san, and one of them was wearing an extra leg and a pair of arms to allow him to stay in Daniel's famous jump kick pose while still playing guitar. Hiya!

The Karate Kids "Chicken With Its Head Cut Off"
The Karate Kids "Meaningless"
The Karate Kids "Miyagi Had a Dojo"

20 February 2007

HOTNS 4: Featuring CBA/Cry Blood Apache

This week's Valentine's Day show was a lot of fun, thanks to Hans, Pahn, and Kaspar of Cry Blood Apache. They brought a CD of sampled/mashed-up Magnetic Fields covers that sound like they're being performed live on the air. "Give me a little more reverb and echo on these vocals... little more... yeah" Very clever. We all had a great time, especially during the Hans Hinrich Valentine's Day giveaway extravaganza, which was The Complete Runner, a special supplement to Runners' Magazine.

  1. The Magnetic Fields "Absolutely Cuckoo"
  2. The Magnetic Fields "Love Is Lighter Than Air"
  3. Cry Blood Apache "Fido"
  4. The Magnetic Fields "If There's Such A Thing As Love"
  5. The Magnetic Fields "World Love"
  6. The Magnetic Fields "I Don't Believe You"
  7. The Magnetic Fields "Lovers From The Moon"
  8. Cry Blood Apache "The Things We Did and Didn't Do"
  9. Ilene Graff "They Were You"
  10. House of Phallus "And Then He Kissed Me/ and the He Frisked Me"
  11. The Magnetic Fields "Punk Love"
  12. Cry Blood Apache "How Fucking Romantic"
  13. The Magnetic Fields "The Saddest Story Ever Told"
  14. The Magnetic Fields "Love In The Shadows"
  15. The Magnetic Fields "The One You Really Love"
  16. Cry Blood Apache "[Song Inspired By] Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits"
  17. The Magnetic Fields "I'm Sorry I Love You"
  18. The Gothic Archies "Ever Falls the Twilight"

09 February 2007

HOTNS 3: featuring Nick Hennies of the Weird Weeds

fun show this week. nick hennies--the drummer from local experimental rock band The Weird Weeds--brought his acoustic guitar and played a couple of stephin merritt songs. especially impressive is nick's performance of "reno dakota", given the fact that stephin has said that it was one of the most difficult songs on 69 love songs to record, and nick nailed it in on his first go. other notes: i've adopted "absolutely cuckoo" as my intro theme song and "ever falls the twilight" as my outro song. Don't fall in love with me yet, we've only recently met:

  1. The Magnetic Fields "Absolutely Cuckoo"
  2. Stephin Merritt "Maria Maria Maria"
  3. Future Bible Heroes "Memories Of Love"
  4. Mission Giant "San Diego Zoo"
  5. Nick Hennies (live) "All My Little Words"
  6. The Magnetic Fields "Born on a Train"
  7. The Gothic Archies "City of the Damned"
  8. The Magnetic Fields "Josephine"
  9. Nick Hennies (live) "Reno Dakota"
  10. The Magnetic Fields "Asleep And Dreaming"
  11. Nico "Chelsea Girls"
  12. The Gothic Archies "In The Reptile Room (from The Reptile Room)"
  13. Stephin Merritt "Shall We Sing A Duet?"
  14. John Guilt "underwear"
  15. Future Bible Heroes "But You're So Beautiful"
  16. Ladytron "Open Your Heart"
  17. The Gothic Archies "Ever Falls the Twilight"
In the summer windows, out through winter doors,
ever falls the twilight on our jagged shores...

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